[In reply to Drunk] web3 project recruiting operation leader Product Description. WEB3 entry-type platform, through the metaverse gamification design to complete the user through the task or project airdrop, while you can read the project information to earn. The cross-chain bottom layer supports projects on each chain to be on the platform, helping project parties to accurately assess and target users on the chain, and reducing the time and cost of finding influencers and users for the community. Job Responsibilities To be responsible for project management, docking the development industry and research team and ensuring the product development progress according to the demand. Complete the daily work of platform operation, activity operation to provide marketing events Lead Mod to complete user traffic pool construction and serve users Job Requirements Bachelor's degree or above, fluent in English. In-depth understanding of WEB3 ecology, experience in crypto industry, understanding of current industry hotspots such as public chain, NFT, DAO, etc.. Good communication skills and learning ability remote, salary 2000-2500U