Do you believe we deserve an internet where users have control over their data and identity, where apps are securely and easily interoperable, and where developers are empowered to innovate rapidly and collaboratively?

Do you want to be at the forefront of web3, moving the internet beyond the cloud and ushering in the next wave of online experiences?

Do you want to join in building the shared data backend that will power this revolution, alongside world-class technical and product teammates?

3Box is building a more trusting, human and connected web. The most ambitious applications in the world are being built on our data network. Developers can build lighter and more powerful services with better data than ever, and users are empowered with control of their data and portability across experiences. We are looking for impact-driven, self-motivated, growth-oriented teammates to join us in making our huge mission a reality.

As our first Product Manager, you will be responsible for growing the 3Box developer ecosystem. You will own the delivery of new technical products and features across the 3Box suite of developer APIs, SDKs, and plugins, and manage the onboarding, engagement and partnership activities to ensure a thriving community and network.

You'll get to...
  • Develop a deep understanding of customer needs by embedding into the open source developer community
  • Drive the development of new technical products and features across the 3Box suite of developer APIs, SDKs, and plugins
  • Create the 3Box developer portal to onboard developers, guide them, and manage the cloud services dashboard
  • Support go-to-market of your products through clear, well-written documentation and product marketing
  • Grow the 3Box developer community through products, partnerships, and ecosystem development
  • Continually improve the 3Box product development lifecycle, quality and release processes, and team
You'll likely succeed if you have...
  • 3+ years in product management and a strong technical background
  • Shipped innovative products for developers or a developer ecosystem, with unwavering attention to quality
  • Delivered high impact solutions that drove measurable outcomes and results
  • Worked across the product lifecycle, from needs identification, requirement gathering, and feature design to monitoring and optimization
  • Grown a product and team at rapid velocity, with intentional and skilled communication and operating model design
  • Ability to work closely with other companies and services on partnerships and joint product ventures
  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and oral- you possess the ability to simplify the complex in a way that quickly resonates with your customers
  • Bonus points: demonstrated interest in distributed technology; leadership in developer communities; experience building brand new products and using user data to guide development of existing products; founder or early startup experience

More About 3Box


We are small and fast, incredibly curious and laser-focused, community-oriented and individually driven. We have previously founded tech startups, authored books on identity, won awards for outstanding products, advised F100 CEOs, and much more. We believe greatness comes from happy, interested, diverse teams. We've lived in dozens of different countries (and on a sailboat), dropped out of college, finished college, captained varsity athletic teams, attended 10-day meditation retreats, run marathons, cycled thousands of miles per year, and built houses.


We are all committed to building a more empowering web where data is secure, interactions are trustworthy, and relationships are the basis of connection rather than platform's network effects. Online experiences can be delightful and integrated without being creepy or dangerous. We believe we are building Web 3.0 - a few perspectives on what that means to us:

Brad Burnham's investment thesis

Paradigm shifts for the decentralized Web

Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech


Protocols: for identity, user-centric data, sharing and access control, and interoperable data services

Products: SDKs and APIs for apps + wallets to integrate distributed identity, data storage, and social features. Think of it as decentralized firebase, to build fully featured apps with no backend

Data Network: node software and networking for a distributed set of infrastructure providers

Explore more on our site, our developer docs, our active open source community, twitter and blog


We are intentional about growing a culture that supports the team and each teammate, in our daily work and beyond. Some values embedded in our agile operating model:

Impact: "3Box ships" became a community motto - we deliver tangible results every month.

Learning: from our extraordinary partners, peer feedback every Friday, and a budget for growth

Community, Intentionality, Access, Quality: we embed these in our team, community and products


We are based in Berlin and NYC, but with a digital-first workflow, we encourage frequent remote work. We also have unlimited and flexible vacation and travel.


Our benefits align with our values and operating model - we want everyone to help own and drive our purpose in their own way, with compensation and benefits to match. We offer generous equity, flexible learning and travel budget, competitive salary, great healthcare, regular team retreats, travel to fascinating places and events.

We are in the center of a fast-moving, early, revolutionary ecosystem and want our whole team to take part in that. We set aside funds and time for each of us to be active in the community and a leader in the movement.