We’re building Sparkswap, a new way to trade cryptocurrency without depositing your funds on an exchange and exposing them to theft or seizure.

We’re the first cryptocurrency exchange built on Lightning Network atomic swaps, new technology that makes instant, peer-to-peer trades without a trusted intermediary possible for the first time.

As a Software Engineer at Sparkswap, you’ll be helping us take this new technology to live trading and helping to set the culture of the company.

We believe cryptocurrency presents an opportunity to build a more open and inclusive financial system. Moving between cryptocurrencies and other assets quickly, without sacrificing control of those assets is critical infrastructure to realize the potential of a cryptocurrency-based financial system. Come help us make that vision a reality.

Examples of projects

  • Building integrations to popular tools and trading systems
  • Increasing performance of the trade messaging system
  • Adding additional payment channel network and currency support
  • Improving fault tolerance of the network of Brokers and Relayers
  • Adding support for additional trade types

Experience that we consider valuable

  • 2+ Years of Professional Software Engineering experience
  • Node.js or Go
  • Bitcoin, Lightning Network, or cryptocurrency programming
  • Financial markets, including trading or exchange systems
  • Distributed systems and/or peer-to-peer networks
  • Contributing to and maintaining open source projects

Compensation and benefits

  • Competitive salary/equity packages
  • Standard Health Insurance/Dental
  • Flexible work hours and arrangements
  • Unlimited time off (4 weeks off per year, is the recommended minimum)
  • Relocation packages for moving from another city, or closer to the office
  • Pet friendly work space
  • Commuter benefits
  • 3 months of Maternity and Paternity leave

About the Team

We’re a team of 4 engineers who worked together at FutureAdvisor/BlackRock. We recently completed the Y Combinator Summer 2018 batch.

We are a collaborative team of problem solvers who believe strongly in the power of culture to drive results at a small company. To that end, here are the standards we hold ourselves to:

Care deeply

Care about the mission, each other, our customers, and the work we produce. Work hard, be honest, and do the right thing.

Constantly improve

Small improvements over time compound into huge gains. Small mistakes and quickly fixing them avoids large mistakes that are hard to fix.

Do less

Stay focused on the most important things. Work fewer hours and drive greater results.

Be different

Diversity is a strength. Find value where other people aren’t looking. Don’t worry about what other people do or think.