What will you work on? 1. You will work on NEAR smart contract to implement the on-chain bridge logic 2. You will implement the tendermint light client (written in golang) in rust, so that it can run as a NEAR smart contract 3. To see the design details of the bridge, please see - https://tinyurl.com/atom-bdlc 4. You will work with a team of 6 engineers including Full-stack Engineer, Golang Engineer, Rust Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Tester, etc. We have a solid team to get you up to speed in blockchain concepts. Technical Qualifications 1. Minimum 2 to 3 years of experience with writing Rust in production environments 2. Strong desire to work in the crypto industry 3. Interest in cryptography and secure coding practices is a plus. 4. Experience contributing to open-source Rust libraries is a plus