As a Senior Fullstack Developer, you will work on design and development of application components of MOI Protocol, the World’s First Context Aware Peer to Peer Network for enabling Personalized Global Value Networks.


  • React.js, Next.js & Web3JS (or EthersJS) experience
  • Experience with Typescript (optional, but preferred)
  • The understanding of the architecture of smart contracts along with Web3 in general
  • Ability to implement CRUD, REST APIs.
  • You know how to consume RPC and web socket-based services.
  • Understand how to use blockchain apps (optional, but preferred)
  • You are familiar with basic cryptography and interested in learning Zero Knowledge Proofs and implement them.
  • Bring in Industry best practice of Coding and Automation.


  • Direct Mentorship by project leads who have been actively working in Blockchain industry for the past 6 to 7 years.
  • Flexible working timing and work-ations on offer
  • Get the chance to attend Web3 events and network with Industry experts
  • Get the bragging rights to being part of L1 blockchain protocol.