Job description

Celer is hiring Senior Content Strategists to help execute the content strategy and deliver the key messaging of our consumer products and developer platforms. Celer Network is on a mission to bring fast, secure and low-cost decentralized applications to every blockchain. We are accomplishing this mission through our world’s leading layer-2 scaling technology that enables developers to build and users to use decentralized blockchain applications that have the same frictionless user experience of centralized applications. Some initial consumer-facing use cases include trust-free interactive e-sport using cryptocurrency, micro-payment based services and high liquidity decentralized financial derivative market and more.

What You'll Be Doing

At Celer, you will work with marketing, product and engineering team to generate clear and easy to understand contents for both consumer facing application CelerX and the Celer Network layer-2 scaling platform. Specifically:

  • Craft interesting and easy-to-understand written content to drive awareness of Celer Network platform
  • Generate creative content for product marketing and user acquisition campaigns.
  • Continuously generate and contribute to social media and web content to engage with the community
  • Copy edit and review content for technical blogs and developer document to make them easy-to-understand and accurate in expression
  • Help to strategize the key product release announcement, thought leadership pieces and regular project updates.
  • Help to craft educational and tutorial content for new users of blockchain technology
  • Coordinate with partners, thought leaders, and other third parties to produce high-quality joint content
  • Bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, marketing or engineering is required.
  • 5-7 years of experience in marketing communications or writing-focused roles leveraging different channels like blogs, social media, app store publishers, SEOs and more.
  • Experience in writing high-quality content for technology products or consumer-facing applications
  • Excellent verbal communication and collaboration skills
  • Background in the technology field will be a huge plus
  • Experience with mobile consumer-facing application content strategy is a huge plus
  • Experience and background knowledge in blockchain is a huge plus
  • Experience in the gaming industry is a huge plus.

About Celer Network:

Celer Network enables interactive, secure and low-cost blockchain applications that match the frictionless user experience of centralized apps. The underlying technology is our pioneering research of generalized state channel and side chain, which augments an additional scalability layer on top of existing blockchain systems like Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS and more.

Celer Network is founded by computer science PhDs from MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley and UIUC and is being built by a top-notch team with deep experiences from Google, Amazon, Oracle, Cisco and unicorn startups. Celer Network has raised $30M from top venue firms around the globe including Matrix Partners, Signum Capital, Pantera, FreeS, Neo Global Capital, Arrington XRP and more.

We also build CelerX (, the first user-facing application and developer toolset to access Celer Network. Backed by an advanced off-chain operating network, CelerX upgrades the slow dApps on blockchain with a 10,000X faster, interactive user experience. This allows users to send zero-fee and instant payments, use decentralized exchanges with no delay and playing interactive and fun esports games on blockchain. For developers, there is no need to learn new smart contract language for existing blockchain platform. Minimal efforts to transform existing slow dApps to highly interactive dApps powered by Celer. Through greatly enhancing the user experience, Celer reduces user friction for blockchain applications, thereby accelerating mass adoption of decentralized applications.