The company delivers secure cross-chain communication for Web3. As a universal overlay network, they support general message passing and composability of decentralised programs via a proof-of-stake transport layer. Developer tools and APIs make it easy for both protocol and application developers to integrate interoperability.


  • Designing highly reliable blockchain monitoring and integration services to support Network and front-end applications
  • Writing backend applications for cross-chain protocol workflows such as asset transfer, generalised message passing, and inter-operation between smart-contracts.
  • Orchestrating microservices running in different execution environments like Kubernetes and AWS lambdas
  • Building SDKs for developers to easily plug-and-play new blockchains and applications on Network.


  • Strong experience working with distributed systems at scale
  • Deep knowledge of fault tolerance in distributed systems and building software that fails gracefully and recovers transparently
  • Experience working with distributed messaging frameworks (RabbitMQ, AMQP, or similar) and message driven applications.
  • We use GoLang, TypeScript, Terraform, AWS in our day-to-day work. You may not be an expert with all of these technologies, but we are looking for somebody with strong skills with some of them or with transferable experience.


  • Autonomous, distributed environment with the opportunity to work collaboratively in a diverse team across the world
  • The scope to contribute to high impact work and really make a difference in a decentralized protocol
  • Chance to really challenge yourself whilst learning heaps of stuff in the process
  • Unlimited time off throughout the year to rest and recharge
  • Competitive compensation with stock options, experiencing growth from the initial phase