We are looking for a self motivated Senior Backend JS/TS Developer to help us with our DeFi integrations! Our goal is to be the best analytics tools for Liquidity Providers in DeFi. We are looking for non-anonymous developers at this point. This is a Full Time role, and compensation will be a combination of DAI and $VISION tokens. --= Job and responsibilities =-- - Have an understanding of blockchains and the data structures and the concept of EVM-based storage and querying - Have an understanding and experience with reading transactions and working with ABIs - Experience with writing and reading subgraphs - Demonstrate a strong knowledge and understanding of TypeScript / ES6 - Experience with NestJS and other backend NodeJS ORMs - Working with front end developers to come up with the final product based on the data integration - Sense of ownership, autonomous and self motivated, able to navigate challenges on your own - Must be able to work independently and in a remote setting (and have a track record of this experience) - English language proficiency, both in writing and speaking - Team player mindset with positive energy --= Additional skills that would be great to have =-- - Knowledge of AMMs and the underlying data structures around decentralized exchanges (swaps, mints, burns, etc) - Familiarity with various AWS tools such as EC2, SQS, SNS, Lambda, RDS - Proficiency in relational and non-relational databases especially MongoDB and Postgres - Experience working in different product management methodologies --= About APY.Vision =-- APY Vision is an all-in-one liquidity pool analytics and yield farming rewards tracking tool. Our goal is to be the Bloomberg for liquidity providers for the DeFi space. We believe that providing liquidity on AMMs is new but is here to stay, and we want to build the tools and analytics that will give actionable insight to the liquidity providers that we serve. We have worked with various DeFi projects in the space such as Pickle Finance, Frax Finance, Harvest Finance, Index Coop, YAM Finance and 88MPH and we will continue building relationships to establish ourselves as the tool of choice for Liquidity Providers. We have received grants from major players in the DeFi space – projects such as Uniswap, The Graph and Gitcoin have all donated to APY Vision to help our cause of bringing the next 100 million users to liquidity providing. We really believe in the people we hire and we work hard to provide our full-time team members with these benefits: - 100% remote work policy – Our team is from all over the world (from Western Canada to Bali), we have team members that work in RVs! No matter where you are, as long as you’re focused (and have a stable Internet connection) and achieve consistent output, we are happy. As long as we deliver on time and with high quality, we can be free to experience other adventures that life brings. - Room for development – let us know what you want to learn, and we will try to support you 100% by supplying you with books and online courses. - The best colleagues – we’re a small and tight knit team, passionate about DeFi and constantly sharing with each other.