So what's PWN? is building a DeFi peer-to-peer lending platform. Our users can take out a loan backed by their crypto portfolio or even their shiny NFT collection. Today the bank might think you're crazy, but in the near future everyone will be able to leverage their digital wealth to buy a house. We are the leaders in this space. Your responsibilities: PWN is looking for a product enthusiast to fill a position that is the exact opposite of a typical 9-5 job: Your input will directly translate to user satisfaction as well as the overall success of PWN as a company. You will become the ambassador for our users, leader of product-related research and the driving force behind the entire lifecycle of our exciting features. 🙋You will be Conducting product-related research Managing product stakeholders Driving the feature design process in collaboration with designers and developers Scoping out workload development teams Managing releases of the awesome features that we build together 🥇 What do we offer Money (shocking, right?) Stuff that can eventually be turned into money (equity, coins...) Specific roadmap to boost your learning & career progress Potential to grow into a leadership position if that's what you desire Unmatched ability to travel and meet the most brilliant builders & thinkers in the world Unusual flexibility regarding when & where you get your work done Team retreats (we have a boat ⛵) Few thoughts regarding compensation in PWN: We're a funded startup with enough money for the foreseeable future. But that doesn't mean we automatically shower everyone with ridiculous sums of cash. In fact, most of us are incentivised significantly through non-monetary rewards (equity, options, tokens etc.). Don't get me wrong. You will get paid enough cash to live comfortably nearly anywhere in the world, but if your main goal is to max-out immediate rewards then this role might not be for you. 🧭 Requirements Experience with UI design & prototyping tools (Figma etc.) Experience with data analytics tools General overview of the DeFi industry & user-level experience with some of the main DeFi apps Obsession with getting to know our users and finding ways how to bring them value Based within +/- 2 timezones from Prague, CZE* Willingness to spend time abroad with the team during feature-design sprints Fluent in English Explorers wanted Most of what we're building is a world-first. Combined with the specific nature of the Crypto / DeFi industry it's important to leave most of the traditional thinking behind. Willingness to re-learn many of the things that we considered given is perhaps the most important aspect of a DeFi pioneer. 🗺️ Next steps If you feel like you're the right fit then make sure you reach out to us asap via Startupjobs and share anything relevant about you. We're looking forward to having a casual chat about the expectations on both sides! *PS: If you're based across half of the world but feel like your exceptional abilities would compensate for the distance make sure you reach out anyways. We're always looking for ways how to make things work!