We are looking for a product manager able to drive the development team in a product oriented fashion.
The product manager will be in charge of evolving the current product and finding, together with the research team, the product-market fit. Akropolis has extensive research on the matter, but we believe that continuing to develop this area is crucial.

Akropolis set out with the objective to build a protocol that enables creation of a distributed financial network comprising member-owned financial organisations designed to step in to provide the trifecta of basic financial services (savings, investments, social insurance) through a distributed network without reliance on governments, banks or other legacy financial institutions. Result: resilience to global contagion risks in the event of a financial crisis.
Akropolis is committed to platform agnosticism and domain-specific chains, cementing partnerships with several players across different chains, such as Chainlink, ChainX, MakerDAO, and Wyre.
A significant part of the team effort is directed towards interoperability research and development, and supporting ecosystems.

- Take broad, conceptual, and complex ideas and turn them into useful products for our users
- Design and prototype flows and experiences that are simple and elegant
- Contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the rest of the team
- Oversee the user experience and quality of our products from conception through launch
- Control deadlines and set deliverables for the current product, and create new products.
- Prepare reports, blogposts and other documentation.

- 2+ years experience in web3/DeFi ecosystem
- Strong communication skills and ability to articulate your design decisions
- Knowledge of the web3 technology stack and distribution systems design
- Familiarity with DeFi (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem and evolving product design trends
- The ability to think at a high level about product strategy and vision
- Ability to self-manage, prioritize, and define design constraints
- Interest and curiosity in crypto and financial markets
- Experience working in a start-up
- Exceptional English communication skills
- Strong interest and track record in fintech and/or open-source
- BS/BA degree in a technical or financial discipline

- Prior work experience at Coinbase or a DeFi ecosystem project
- Frontend coding experience (html, css, javascript)
- Experience buying and selling cryptocurrency
- Budgeting & Planning: prepare meaningful analysis for strategic business decisions and model financial situations
- Work cross-functionally to drive process and systematic improvements including data collection and reporting streams across the organization