CryptomeriaLabs opened an office in Phuket, Thailand. It is a great chance to join a team and make a step into the global market. From the West Coast to Tokyo we have presence and experience in global business development, investments and media. We see gaming as one of the new strategic directions for Cryptomeria Labs Venture Studio. We are looking for a Lead Game Designer. You will create a series of mini games and a visual marketplace for our blockchain games, enriched with a game maker tool for creator content. By creating such a product we will become the first Studio to disrupt the market of blockchain games and bring more recognition into it. You will have enough independence in decision making, reporting directly to the Executive Producer of the Cryptomeria Labs (Games). Cryptomeria Labs is a company built of experienced entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors and has the funds, in-house expertise, and patience to build its own startups from scratch. By leading with fresh approaches and ideas, Cryptomeria Labs Venture Studio effectively combines the disruptiveness of a startup with the necessary stability of a team and resources to build companies that require decade long roadmaps before profitability and deft maneuvering of public and private opportunities. Product: Roblox-inspired P2E games marketplace and a game maker Mobile and desktop marketplace of blockchain games (with visual catalog in form of the planet with the buildings. Enter the building to play a mini-game) Game maker on desktop only For gamers from gamers, fascinating gameplay comes first and blockchain - second Team: Distributed, with top management on Phuket Team size now: 15 people (12 devs and designers, 3 managers) Desired team size: 50 people Developers: CTO Senior Unity Senior Unity Backend DevOps QA Middle Unity - hiring now Design and Art team of the game: Ux/Ui Part-time Tech Artist (VFX) Junior 3D Artist (architecture, levels) Junior 3D Artist (architecture, levels) Extra Designer resources: Art Director for Cryptomeria Labs (illustrations, branding, websites, PPTs) Part-time Designer (branding, websites, PPTs) What You’ll Do Make game design and core for an A+ multiplayer multi-genre game with user generated content tools Manage, mentor, and help level up a team of Game Designers. Hire designers for balance, and economics Collaborate across the organization (producers, art, and product management) to design and implement new features and ideate new game features and gameplay mechanics alongside the team Write documentation that can be followed by a design team for many years to come Manage communication with partners (AMA with the community, investor DEMOs) in terms of project progress and artistic matters Ensure the feedback from our founders and token holders is heard, categorized, and prioritized Provide high-level direction: own a feature from start to finish. This includes fleshing out the design and then requesting audio, art, animation, vfx and code. Continue to iterate on the design and integrate these requested items as they come in. Be ready to test! We’re making an exceptional product. Small and large-scale. Qualifications 2+ years experience as a Lead Game Designer Managing teams of Game Designers (3-5 people) Understanding how to make the game fun to play GDD genius Experience of game prototyping is a plus Fluent English Flexible and quick-thinking, you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment Strong attention to details Interest in crypto, blockchain, NFT, AR/VR and new technology Passion for video games in multiple genres! Eager to build a gaming product of great value (for years to come)