Fedora is a new DeFi primitive aiming to bring composable protocol revenue share models on-chain. With its fee earning token model, it distributes protocol revenue across fe -token holders. Fedora improves token holder intent discovery, value of governance tokens, and opportunities for token holders to capture upside in both token value and protocol revenue. Fedora is looking for an entrepreneurial Head of Partnerships to join the founding team to bring dividends to DeFi. Responsibilities > Source, manage and develop relationships with key stakeholders in protocols that could utilize Fedora's fe -token model > Assess and track governance sentiment in potential partner protocols, executing quickly where needed > Suggest partner protocol changes to improve tokenomics and value accrual to fe -token holders > Influence future lifetime value through higher product adoption, partner satisfaction and overall availability > Drive protocol outcomes, product adoption and best in class customer experience for users > Collaborate with the development team on coordinating new protocol launches and Minting Events > Collaborate closely with our Head of Growth to align campaigns and commercial efforts Requirements > Title will reflect the candidates past experience > First-hand experience in using DeFi protocols > First-hand experience in DeFi governance, either as a governor or a protocol representative > Strong working knowledge of industry ecosystem and mechanics > Negotiation skills in both internal and external settings > Organizational, communication and leadership skills, demonstrated by previous professional success > Proficiency in common CRM systems > Extremely motivated about Fedora's mission of democratizing access to protocol revenue Remuneration 1.50% allocation + USD 75,000 - 125,000 Please note that the founding team will be paid only in $FED through a vesting contract in the beginning. Once the Fedora Treasury holds $750.000+ in ETH/stablecoins we'll start ETH/stablecoin payouts. Rates & KPI based performance pay negotiable. Applying Reach out to contributooor via Discord or send an email to hello@fedora.finance. Please include a CV, GitHub, portfolio, or other relevant materials along with a brief on why you are excited about building Fedora.