Company Info At OZU we believe that the future of visual storytelling is happening now. With web3 and NFTs, creators and audiences are shaping together a new generation of stories: from comics to animations to films, NFTs and smart contracts unlock the potential of creating truly interactive and immersive experiences. The firm, a pioneer NFT company building NFT applications since 2019, is seeking to increase its product offering throughout 2022 and beyond with multiple projects and partnerships in the pipeline with artists, directors and other content creators. The firm has exciting fast-growth trajectory plans and is now introducing an interactive comic-NFT project. Working with an outstanding comic team, the firm offers the Web3.0 and NFT community direct participation and interaction in the IP entertainment world. We are looking for a talented and passionate person to join our team as Head of Community. Head of Community duties Define and guide the community development strategy, including oversight and operation of community governance initiatives. Develop strategies utilizing loyalty programs within the community. Engage with the NFT, Blockchain, and Crypto community in an authentic and meaningful way ensuring that the OZU brand is maintained throughout. Collaborate with content teams to elevate the OZU voice in relevant conversations with the community. Develop consensus building strategies and execute on that strategy in the community. Set up and maintain competitive monitoring, sharing insights with the organization at large. Ensure community acquisition and growth through reinforcing a positive image of the company. Explore new community-friendly platforms to facilitate the expansion of OZU’s local user base and influence. Build KPI’s around response times to ensure that the community’s experience with OZU is first-class. Strong focus on speed when engaging in conversations with customers to ensure stellar customer experience Candidate Background Experience in leading community efforts and initiatives in relevant industries such as arts/auction, crypto/blockchain, creator platforms. Strong track record of leading successful community/customer focused initiatives Working knowledge with Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media platforms. Excellent communication skills, with the ability to provide authentic experiences to the community and a strong understanding of when to implement different tone of voice in a variety of situations. Experience working with internal and external teams to get the answers. Successful history of working remotely and in start-up environments.