Trader Joe is currently the #1 DEX on Avalanche and the first DEX to flip an incumbent one on any chain. We're a hyper-growth project that started on July-3 as the 12th DEX in a small ecosystem and grew it from $8m TVL to $600m TVL in the space of two months. Recently we just closed a $5m round with some well known investors like 3AC, Defiance, Not 3lau, Delphi, Mechanism and more. We have an ambitious defi-focused roadmap with lending due to be launched in two weeks time and leveraged trading soon after that. We’re currently hiring a full-stack engineer (React, web3, subgraphs) and a smart contract engineer to help scale up the team. Our team is extremely lean with experience from big tech (Google, Grab). If this interests you, please DM co-founder Cryptofish on telegram (@cryptofish7) or twitter (@cryptofishx).