🧭Requirements: - VueJS - TypeScript - Web3JS/EthersJS (advantage) - Ethereum Name Service (advantage) - Being a DeFi user (advantage) - Based in UTC +/- 4 timezone (Europe) - Willingness to travel - Collaborative mindset, but you're not afraid to speak up - Fluent in English 📍 **We don’t care how many years of experience you have. Code speaks louder than words - just show it to us.** 🥇What do we offer: - Fair rate / depending on your input to the project - Project success incentives - Constant learning - Potential to build your own team - Unusual flexibility - we don’t care where you live or when you work - Retreets & Conferencing 🤝How to reach us? It’s simple. Send us an email to: join@pwn.finance Tell us why you’d like to join the PWN team and share anything you feel is relevant and we should know about you.