The Idle DAO ( is looking for a remote full-time (or part-time) Front-end Developer for the next 3-months work mandate. About Idle DAO Idle is a decentralized protocol dedicated to bringing automatic asset allocation and yield aggregation to the interest-bearing tokens economy. The Idle protocol is governed by a DAO (the Idle Governance) represented by $IDLE token holders. The DAO manages the strategic decisions of the protocol through the IIPs (Idle Improvement Proposals), enabling community participants to contribute to the protocol’s future developments. What is a League Leagues are organizational units composed of ecosystem participants, elected by the Governance for the protocol growth. Each League pursues activities in a specific field and is responsible for its own budget, managed through a multi-signature wallet. Members are elected by the Idle DAO, through community snapshot polls, and are in charge of the mandate duration (currently 3 months). It would be great to see experience in: - Software Engineering; - Javascript; - React.js, Vue.js, or similar front-end frameworks; - Web3 libraries (ethers.js, web3.js); - Design and CSS skills; - Understanding Blockchain networks; - Technical and practical understanding of DeFi; - Remote working As a Front-end Developer, you will handle activities such as: - Work closely with other developers and designers to scope and build delightful frontends and dApps that allow users to interact with IDLE smart contracts; - Maintain and improve IDLE’s existing frontends and projects; - Write up quick experimental UIs over short time frames without outside design input, and drive the IDLE user experience forward. Seniority and Compensation You can take a look at the seniority levels and the related monthly compensations here: How to apply (requirement) Follow the instructions described in the official Idle forum post and apply here: