Who we are: Zero Collateral is a lending market protocol for individuals who want easy access to capital, without the need to deal with a centralized institution. Join our vision to expand the internet of money and building a truly decentralized, borderless money market, governed by individual access to self-sovereign credit identity, unrestricted and uncensored by rent-seeking centralized finance entities. In doing so, you will help launch the first globally accessible marketplace for unsecured loans, bridging the traditional financial industry with the decentralized financial ecosystem. Job description: We are opening a position for a Solidity smart contract developer to join our team. If you are looking to shape the future of decentralized finance, and lead the next wave of blockchain adoption, we are the right project for you. The role is remote, although North American time zone residence is a plus. Roles and responsibilities: Solidity Development -Expand upon the current lending contracts written today -Added features: ETH as collateral, ETH price oracle, collateral liquidation, unique oracle contract to speak with off-chain backend -Run contract tests -Patch contract bugs or necessary upgrades -Monitor Smart Contract performance, and rectify any potential issues Requirements & Skills -Experience with Solidity smart contracts and Ethereum development tools -General Ethereum and blockchain knowledge, ideally of DeFi lending platforms -Creator or founder of a prior smart contract project is a major plus