Rare Bits is at the forefront of bringing digital goods onto the blockchain (think: rare gaming items, limited edition collectibles). Why is this interesting? For the first time, users can truly own these items instead of leaving it to developers & publishers to dictate the rules. This means you can ensure item scarcity, track ownership history, and enable secondary markets to buy & sell for real money!

We're an experienced team with previous successful exits to Google, Zynga and FanDuel. Our co-founders were part of the core team behind FarmVille, which kickstarted a massive industry around digital goods in social games. We're also well-funded having recently raised Seed and Series A rounds.

If you’re passionate about building new products and interested in pioneering a new space, we would love to work with you.

What you'll do:
  • Own, architect and build large parts of the front-end and back-end engineering of our products.
  • Work closely with CEO and founding team to determine how to best use technology to meet our business goals.
  • Participate in hiring other passionate and talented engineers to the team.
What we're looking for:
  • Growth-minded engineers looking to make a mark on the crypto-space, no previous crypto experience needed!
  • Experience with full-stack development in some form: either mobile front-end or web front-end experience paired with a common backend language like Python/Ruby/PHP/Elixir.
  • Individuals that treat their co-workers with respect, appreciate a diversity of opinions, and value releasing products they are proud of.
  • Contribution of opinions and thoughts on how to continually improve our engineering culture and processes.
Our stack:
  • Elixir and Phoenix as our main backend language
  • React / Redux / Webpack for our user-facing web-client
  • NodeJS and RabbitMQ for our blockchain data-processing platform
  • Heroku as our hosting environment
What we offer:
  • Meaningful work establishing a brand new form of property ownership for the world.
  • Latest and greatest dev environment, customizable to your liking.
  • Ownership over large parts of our product engineering and the opportunity to contribute and build the team culture from the ground-up.