We are seeking a freelance content writer to design and create written content and documentation to enhance the experience for our community and to bring our products to a larger audience. Location: fully remote. You can work wherever you like (globally) As the content writer, you will: - Collaborate with team members to create blog posts and articles. Topics include crypto markets, blockchain, Pando products, DeFi, etc. - Monitor external channels (like Twitter, Mixin communities, Discord) where target audience of our products may provide feedback Requirements: - Excellent English writing skills - Copywriting experience (please submit a sample of your past work as part of your application) - Understanding of the blockchain technology, especially of the DeFi space - Understanding of Mixin Network and Pando product suites. Being a user of the products is a huge plus Nice-to-haves: - SEO knowledge - If you can bring in traffic through your own channels (for example, your social media accounts or personal websites), there will be extra bonus dependent on the results About Pando: The top one-stop DeFi services provider on Mixin Network(https://mixin.network). Our product suite includes decentralized exchange, decentralized borrowing and lending, decentralized stablecoin minting, crypto wallet and more. Check us out at https://pando.im. If you are interested, please send your resume to jobs@pando.im