SIREN Markets is a decentralized cryptocurrency options market for sophisticated traders. SIREN is a project on the cutting edge of DeFi technology and is tapping into a potentially huge unrealized market worth billions of dollars using top-of-the-line, thoughtfully crafted technology. The SIREN team is composed entirely of experienced, multi-project cryptocurrency veterans and currently numbers eight people all over the world. Our working timezones are GMT+2 to GMT-7. Investors in SIREN include Spartan Group, 1kx, QCP, CMS Holdings, Mechanism Capital, Robot Ventures, Naval Ravikant, and Rockaway Blockchain Fund. The protocol was released to the public in beta in December 2020 and fully launched in March 2021 concurrent with a token distribution event. SIRENv2 is currently under development with exciting new features and a full stylistic rebrand. We’re looking for someone who understands DeFi to come in to take ownership of community development for the project. This role is an opportunity to shape and grow the critical governance functions of an extremely promising DeFi project still in its early stages of growth. Objectives Building up a community of active contributors around the protocol Setting up community working groups to design, structure, and launch new options markets, manage liquidity mining incentives, and other product decisions Crowdsourcing community content creation from community members Running a community grants program to incentivize community contributors Collecting product feedback from existing power users of DeFi and options trading platforms Fostering engagement between the core team and the broader DeFi community Designing and executing the community’s communications strategy eg. making sure SIREN is actively sharing its progress via blog posts/newsletters, creating opportunities for the community to engage/learn directly from the core team, etc. Participating in other decentralized communities and finding opportunities to collaborate with other DeFi ecosystem partners What we offer A role with operational and domain area ownership in an early stage team Community building guidance and coaching from our investors, including from 1kx Competitive compensation in both fiat currency and SIREN (SI) tokens; $45K-$120K USD, compensation flexible between tokens and fiat