What will you work on? 1. In cross-chain protocols, we are building a bridge between NEAR and Cosmos. For this, we are integrating Cosmos IBC directly onto the NEAR blockchain (as a smart contract). We are working with both NEAR and IBC core dev teams for this. 2. For ZK-tech division, we are working on bringing privacy transactions to the NEAR and Cosmos ecosystem. This division involves working with zero-knowledge primitives and circom programming language. 3. You will work with a team of 6 engineers including Full-stack Engineer, Golang Engineer, Rust Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Tester, etc. We have a solid team to get you up to speed in blockchain concept Technical Qualifications 1. Very solid previous experience in either web2 domain or web3 domain. 2. 2-3 years of experience of working in production environments. 3. Ability to think at architecture level, and engineer systems from pure scratch. Being able to analyse protocols using heuristic arguments is a plus. 4. Strong desire to work in crypto industry 5. Contributions to open source projects is a plus.